Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fall colors, best I've seen in years!

 Absolutely the best colors I have seen in years!

 A sea of gold.

 A beautiful dog-tooth maple in the forest.

 Another maple.

 Simply amazing.

 A lone Engelmann Spruce

 Oh, yeah - there was single track.

 I like the green/white/yellow/green fade

 Wonderdog & Dreamdate

 What a grove!

It was a great day off!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ordering info, up & coming builds & a sweet new bike

I'm just going to have this one bike on this post, I have a few other projects right now, but this bike deserves a few pics for sure, pretty self-explanatory, man…….

More below, but here's the news:
Yes, I'm going to take some orders.
January likely, not a whole bunch either, and even if you order one now, it's not scheduled for delivery for quite awhile, I've quit giving out approximate delivery dates as I have found in life that it's human tendency to heap more on your plate then you can handle while simultaneously disregarding any time consuming / unfortunate this or that's that may happen - all of us do this, especially when we are talking years from now.
 If you're still interested, delivery is somewhere in mid 2016 acts of God notwithstanding - shit happens, as they say.
 You may want to drop me an e-mail at if you are serious, so I can gage definite interest. Thanks for that!
 I'm not into long winded chatter (and I'm sick in bed, actually, dang!) but I'm pretty much focusing on my three basic models:
*Mountain Bike - < 3" tires, 120mm travel or less, your basic Coconino.
*Mountain Cruiser - as above, but double top tube.
*World Tourist / Dirt Roadster - A very versatile bike, this can be tweaked allot, but basically rigid, with a Coconino fork.
* 135mm rear spacing, various dropouts, 142mm available only as a Paragon slider option = + $175.00
Forks as quoted with frame only.
* Questions? = Ask, please - it makes my job easier.
Basically, what I make, you know……

Also, I'm out of here Oct 13th >> Nov 1st, but then here until July.

Lastly, here is an up & coming list:
Scott Z3, Steve K, Steve H, Rob B, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, Shilo P, Kevin D, (new from last freeze) Todd L, Kenton H, Russell L, Jeff A, Dave R, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Micheal H, Chris R, Kip M, James P, Stuart L……………..

Like I said, questions, drop me an e-mail, thanks to everyone, I really am grateful.
- Steve.

Friday, September 19, 2014

September, Makin' the bikes…….random picture sequence due to blogger (?)

 For unknown reasons Blogger scrambles my posts, but so it is - thanks for sticking with me here.
Anyway, what you see here is a Shimano CX-50 crank, this bike used a fair number of parts from this group.

 Above, cleanly brazed, and below custom bend chain stays.

 Straight, just a real smooth build……

 The frame is upside down to install an oval tubular brace for fender mounts.

 Smooth, very smooth.


 Above, one done, below another started.

This red 29er is ready to go, and the color is stunningly rich.

 Great lines, and really smooth.

 Below, a World Tourist.
Lots of work on these!
More pics when she comes back from paint.

Thanks for reading!
 - Steve.